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Instant capture and playback

Stereoscopic HD camera

Our dual lens camera module captures incredibly sharp images in stereoscopic HD and records videos at 2560×960@60fps. With a 90’ field of view (FOV) capture a wide view of the scene that puts you in the middle of the action. Simply clip the camera to back of your phone and record instantly.

Shoot Simpler, More Confidently, with Pensieve XR Suite

Inside the Pensieve XR Camera are our Humaneyes image and sound automation technologies.

Stereoscopic viewer

Our compact stereoscopic viewer features two incredibly thin 50mm fresnel lenses and provides a complete view of the captured video. Simply slide your phone into our viewer to watch your recorded videos in 3D as if you are right there at the scene.  

Pensieve app

Use our freely available app to record, play and share stereoscopic 3D videos with friends, family or the world. Be on the lookout for upcoming features including live streaming, live captioning, augmented reality and more!

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